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What After B.Pharma Course?

So, you’ve done the Bachelor of Pharmacy degree course, and are now wondering what to do next? This is a question that is on many B. Pharm graduates minds. B. Pharma is an excellent bachelors course. Pharmacy is one of the most important industries in the country. The best example of this is that even during the strict COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, pharmacy businesses shops and Clinical Research Companies were allowed to operate because they are a necessity. This industry is considered to be recession-proof, and will also be the saviour of humanity in case of another pandemic. So, you have done a smart move by doing B. Pharma. But what next, now?

You have 3 viable options. You can study further, and get a higher education. You can start working as there are many jobs for B. Pharma graduates, or you can also start your business. In the following blog, lets take a close look at all the options available to you, and you can decide what you should do after B. Pharm

 Career Options After B. Pharma

B. Pharm is one of the few degrees that allow students to have many options after graduation. Though mainly this is an advantage, it can also confuse you. Therefore, to get rid of this confusion, you should have all the information you can on all your options after B. Pharm. This will help you see your career path better.

 Here are your career options after B. Pharm degree:

 A) Higher Studies After B. Pharmacy

One of the most popular options is to continue studying. Sometimes, a bachelors degree is not enough. Many postgraduate courses let you concentrate on studies in a more specialised field in pharmacy. These courses also allow students to get better career opportunities in managerial positions. The following are the most popular postgraduate courses to do after B. Pharm:-

1. PG Diploma in Clinical Research

This is an excellent course to do after B. Pharm. A PG Diploma in Clinical Research or PGDM in pharis a One-year course thats more industry-oriented and imparts practical knowledge With Relevant Modules like Pharmacovigilance,Clincal Data Management, SAS and Medical Writing, Medical Coding and make you Direct Job Ready  With Recuiter Seeking Skills. The course is designed to make students industry-ready the moment they finish they can direct Recruited by the Clinical Research Organizations.This Program will get you a management job in the Clinical Research industry. You can also use the knowledge gained to become an entrepreneur after an appropriate amount of experience.

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This is the next step after B. Pharm. Master of Pharmacy is also known as M. Pharm. Quite a B. Pharm graduates choose to do this course, as it allows them to choose a specialised field in pharmacy. This course allows students to head in a particular direction and become an expert. M. Pharm is a 2-year degree course and can lead to good careers.


This course involves a deep study and understanding of drug development. This course is more scientific in nature and is a mix of theory and practical. You delve deep into the scientific aspect of pharma chemistry. During the course, and your career, you will be spending a lot of time in the laboratory. You should be good with research, experimentation, and development. Your work can also make a huge difference, as you will contribute to finding life-saving drugs.


The MBA in pharmaceutical management is a course about the science and technological aspect of pharmacy and business and marketing. Theres a lot of research and management involved in this degree, and the subsequent career. It is a 2-year course that will land you a job in managerial roles with good pay and benefits.


This course is both a postgraduate course and a stepping stone to starting your own business. The whole course is designed to teach students how to manage a drugstore business. In an age where single drug stores are growing into widespread franchises, this is an important course. You can start your drugstore, or find an important position in a big drugstore chain, this is a course for people who are sure about entering the drugstore business.

 6) Self-Employment/Business Prospects

One of the main advantages of B. Pharm is that it is one of the few bachelors courses that is good enough to allow the student to start their own business. The main businesses most B. Pharm students opt for are, opening a drugstore, being a drug wholesale supplier, and starting a drug manufacturing unit.

In India, you cannot start these businesses unless you have a B. Pharm degree. Its a lot easier to open a drugstore and start a drug wholesale supply business. The capital investment is also not very high. Starting a drug manufacturing unit is tough, but the earnings from this business are high. Plus, India is the hub for drug manufacturing and generic drug production. So, it can be considered.