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Tips for applying to clinical research jobs

Even with all of the relevant qualifications, skills and experience that you need to become a clinical research associate, there can still be challenges in landing your perfect job. A few simple changes to your approach can give your CV a better chance of success.

Be realistic about the types of jobs that you can attain. If you don’t have industry experience, you are unlikely to be hired for anything above an entry level role. Don’t apply to senior CRA jobs or clinical project manager roles unless you have been working as a CRA for some time already and have the required experience. Save yourself the time and effort in making lots of speculative applications and take a more targeted approach. 

If you are applying for a clinical research associate job, ensure that you read each job description carefully and highlight on your CV the relevant experience that matches the specific description. Your cover letter should be personalised to the specific company, describe why you want to work for that company and which of your skills match the specific requirements of the role. Employers and life sciences recruitment consultants are looking for the most relevant applications and will readily discard those that have put little effort into personalising it.

Remember, not every company will advertise all its vacancies so you should consider other approaches too. Networking with recruiters and hiring managers and uploading your CV to a database are two great ways that employers and recruiters with CRA jobs can find you.

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