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35 Days

Advance Certification In Pharmacovigilance and

Clinical Data Management

The clinical study that is conducted by a company is conducted in accordance to its study protocol and data required is collected via data collection tools such as case report forms. Once all the data is collected from the research sites it is entered in a data management system, cleaned to ensure that it is error free, and finally analysed to find out whether or not the hypotheses was correct. All this management of trial data is done by data management departments who use software’s such as Oracle Clinical, MediDATA Rave, Oracle Argus Safety Data Base, MedDRA & WHODD Medical Browsers and others to carry out the Pharmacovigilance and Clinical Data Management function. People with knowledge of Pharmacovigilance and clinical data management and those Who has Hands on Experience on  software’s are highly sought after in the industry and they will be high in Demand.

Embracing technology for better Placement

Advance Certification in Pharamcovigilance and Clinical Data Management will give you a comprehensive Knowledge of both pharmacovigilance as well as clinical data management so that you can explore career opportunities.


Eligibility criteria for Advanced Post-Graduate Diploma in Clinical Research & Pharmacovigilance (APGDCR-P) would include either of the following:

  • Any degree in Bioscience/Life Sciences such as Biochemistry, Microbiology, Genetics, Biotechnology, Botany, Zoology etc
  • Any degree in Medicine such as MBBS, BDS, BPT, BAMS, BHMS, BUMS etc
  • Any degree in Pharmacy / Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Any degree in Chemistry / Biostatistics / Bioinformatics
  • Any degree in Nursing / Allied Health.
  • Students in their final year of graduation for the above courses are also eligible to apply.

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